It’s Official!
We are now officially a chapter of BREDL, the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League. The name of our chapter is “Protect Caswell”.

BREDL functions as a “watchdog” of the environment, monitoring issues and holding government officials accountable for their actions. Under the protection and guidance of BREDL, chapters throughout the Southeast have won many battles against environmentally damaging projects and proposals. BREDL assists communities who are fighting against matters such as highway construction at the expense of public health, and against polluting industries such as asphalt plants and quarries, which have the capacity to destroy a neighborhood’s clean air and water.

Citizens of Caswell County have enlisted the aid of BREDL in their fight against the proposed asphalt/concrete plant on Highway 62 in the Anderson Community (Burlington North site) and the proposed quarry and asphalt/concrete plants in Prospect Hill.

If you would like to enroll in BREDL membership, annual dues are $20, and all donations are tax deductible. To become a member, go to and follow the instructions. Or you can download the membership form (click HERE) and mail in. Please be sure to include “Protect Caswell” as the chapter name.

Spread the good news!

Google Group mailing list – The Protect Caswell mailing list is an open forum allowing concerned citizens to communicate about the issues regarding the proposed rock quarry and asphalt plants in Caswell County, NC.

Members can ask and answer questions, share information and observations, and promote activism to help stop the construction and operation at these sites.

Postings are to be polite, considerate and respectful of the views of others and not slander any individual or company.

Please submit your information below to join the Protect Caswell mailing list. You will receive confirmation that your request has been processed.

Questions and comments can be sent to