Get Involved

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Take Action

  1. Become involved and aware
    • Join discussions on email distribution list for Protect Caswell. To join the list, see mailing list under Join.
    • Participate in protests, letter writing campaigns, and calls for action.
    • Learn the impacts and keep up to date. For information on the proposed projects, see
    • Follow Protect Caswell on Facebook. Go to
  1. DONATE to the Protect Caswell. Donations will help pay for legal advice, road signs, and marketing. Mail your donation [made payable to Protect Caswell] to:

Protect Caswell
PO Box 32
Prospect Hill, NC 27314

  1. Write letters to the editors of local newspapers
    • The Caswell Messenger
    • The Caswell Connection
    • The Roxboro Courier Times
    • The News of Orange
    • The Burlington Times News
    • The Courier-Times
  1. Put up signs
    • No Quarry
    • No Asphalt Plant
  1. Expand awareness within the community
    • Post to social media
      • Facebook (posts and shares)
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      • Webpages
      • Blogs
    • E-mails, phone calls, face-to-face discussions
      • Family
      • Friends
      • Colleagues
      • Neighbors
    • Subscribe and participate in the Protect Caswell group mailing list (Join)


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